Who is the yoga teacher?

We have our yoga instructor, Ellie, who is from the San Francisco Bay Area, come in once a week to teach the kids fun move. She is a Brazilian yoga instructor. She has lots of experience with teaching yoga to children in the San Francisco area. She is a yoga instructor, expert on Reiki Therapy, with training in Hata, Vinyasa Flow, Restorative yoga and kid's yoga. She is known throughout many daycares and preschools all over California

What does yoga do for our children?

Babies as early as 3 month old, get to participate in yoga. Yoga is important for babies and toddlers especially from San Francisco, Bay Area households. Yoga is a great for realization and emotional regulation, it's also great for crucial for the brain growth.Yoga also helps reduce child ability to learn to speak and write. We do yoga right before nap time, it helps all the babies go to sleep faster and more peacefully. We add peaceful music and sit with the babies to relax them, it helps reduce anxiety. Turns fussiness into happiness. All children enjoy yoga time and end with a big smile and laughter at the end.