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Top 10 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in San Francisco

Eating out with children can be difficult and require a lot of planning in the San Francisco Bay Area. Does the restaurant provide crayons? Will there be room for a stroller or a high chair? Is there a kid’s menu that will satisfy your picky eater’s appetite?

From experience of feeding the children at our daycare, Little Ducklings Clubhouse, we can understand the importance of taking your little ones to places where they offer them healthy and delicious options. Kids can be picky, so we want to always provide a good experience for them.

The most ideal dining-out experiences with young ones involve tested and proven restaurants where well-behaved kids are welcome. To make things simple, here is a list of top 10 kid-friendly restaurants in San Francisco, so that when it’s time to eat out, everyone can have a good time.


1015 Irving St

San Francisco, CA 94122


This popular family-style restaurant serves Vietnamese food near the Golden Gate Park. Kids love the chicken noodle soup and the vermicelli noodle bowls. A tank filled with live lobsters and crabs in the rear is a good distraction for antsy moments while you wait.

Photo by Sharon Chen on Unsplash

Giorgio’s Pizzeria

151 Clement St

San Francisco, CA 94118


This traditional pizza and pasta spot has booths, a perfect size for families of all sizes. Thin crust pizzas come in four sizes to pick and choose toppings, so everyone is happy.

Photo by Chad Montano on Unsplash

The Icecream Bar Soda Fountain

815 Cole St

San Francisco, CA 94117


If the grandparents are in town, they will appreciate the 50’s style servers in bow-ties, caps, and aprons behind the vintage soda fountain, scooping ice cream for cones, floats, and milkshakes for the kids. They also offer soup and large sandwiches for sharing, meaning this place isn’t only for dessert.

Photo by R. Mac Wheeler on Unsplash


3347 Fillmore St

San Francisco, CA 94123


At this Marina mac n’ cheese restaurant, kids are able to customize their pasta shape (shells or elbows), cheese sauce, and mix-ins like bacon, hot dogs, and vegetables. Parents can experiment with ingredients like truffle oil, lobster, and beer and wine. This place is perfect for a quick and easy dinner, and who doesn’t love mac n’ cheese?

Photo by April Walker on Unsplash


941 Cole St

San Francisco, CA 94117


This breakfast and brunch spot serves the fluffiest and unique pancakes in family-friendly Cole Valley. This place is known particularly for its beautiful outdoor garden dining patio, high chairs, and a children’s menu. The weekend might not be the best time to visit even for the most patient child, as the wait-time can be especially long. Tip: visit early!

Photo by nikldn on Unsplash

Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack

5007, 3230 Mission St.

San Francisco, CA 94110


Kids and grown-ups love spaghetti and meatballs. Emmy’s offers something for every age, including wine and beer for the older crowd. Other than spaghetti and meatballs, Emmy’s has entrees like eggplant parmesan, flat iron steak with garlic mashed potatoes, and zucchini noodles for the non-carb eaters.

Photo by Danijela Prijovic on Unsplash

Baby Blue’s BBQ

3149 Mission St

San Francisco, CA 94110


When the meat cravings take hold, bring the children along for toys, games, and creative crafts tables in the dedicated kids corner. This is a laid back environment for those who love barbeque, wings, brisket, pulled pork, chicken, and brisket. They also offer family platters.

Photo by Wilfried Santer on Unsplash

Boudin Bakery Cafe Baker’s Hall

160 Jefferson St.

San Francisco, CA 94133


Kids love seeing the famous sourdough bread expertly crafted into animal shapes right before their eyes. Head upstairs to the dining room for a mini-museum and gorgeous views over the bay. If your child isn’t a fan of the clam chowder in a bread bowl, there is a regular kid’s menu as well.

Photo by Liene Geidane on Unsplash

The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen

1 South Park Ave. # 103a

San Francisco, CA 94107


Children love grilled cheese. It is a buttery and crunchy, irresistible treat for all ages. This is a small place, so get your sandwiches wrapped up to-go, and enjoy it at a park nearby.

Photo by Pixzolo Photography on Unsplash

Pica Pica Arepa Kitchen

401 Valencia St

San Francisco, CA 94103


Eating with your hands is always fun. At Pica Pica, you can do just that. From their famous Venezuelan arepas, to their maize tacos, yucca fries, and fresh empanadas, Pica Pica provides a twist on classics that your little eater will find flavorful and fun.

Photo by WOM | Creative Studio Verona on Unsplash

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