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The Benefits of Reading to your Child at an Early Age

If you have ever interacted with children or babies, you may notice that they soak up their surroundings like sponges. Children are always curious about their environment and the sounds and noises that they hear around them, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is why reading to your child is so important, starting at a young age. Reading to your child helps them with listening skills, language development, and so much more. Here are some of the benefits of reading to your child at an early age:

1. Cognitive and Language Development

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Even the youngest children benefit from their caregivers reading to them because they are constantly listening to sounds and soaking it all in. The sooner that your child starts to hear the language, the sooner they will be able to speak and understand. A study in 2013 showed that babies who are read to and talked to score higher in language skills and cognitive development, like problem-solving. That is why at Little Ducklings Clubhouse, we read to the children everyday.

2. Attention Span

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Reading to children at a young age helps improve their concentration and self-discipline skills because they grow up learning to listen to their caregivers read stories. You may notice that when you first start reading to your San Francisco Bay Area child, it is hard for them to focus and sit still while reading as they slowly learn to comprehend what you are reading, they begin to sit still and focus. Their attention span improves because they can finally be intrigued by what you are reading to them.

3. Creativity

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Books and reading, in general, open up a whole new world and imagination for your child. There are plenty of nonfiction books with dinosaurs, magic, or other surreal elements that not only intrigue your child but also get your child thinking outside the box. There truly is something for every child in the San Francisco Bay Area and at Little Ducklings Clubhouse, we have an extensive selection of books. When reading fiction books, your child begins to use their imagination to go beyond their real world. Children already have vivid imaginations, but reading can help improve their creativity.

4. Life lessons

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Most stories teach valuable lessons for your child; They are an opportunity for your child to learn real-world situations in an age-appropriate way. Also, reading books can help your child feel like they are not alone with certain emotions that they may experience or help them deal with situations that are new and uncomfortable to them, like going to the doctor.

At Little Ducklings Clubhouse in the San Francisco Bay Area, story time is a critical part of the day. We prioritize your little duckling’s healthy development by participating in activities like story and book time for them to bloom in the best way they can!

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