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Safe San Francisco Bay Area Daycare in the Midst of COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed everyone’s life in one way or another. People started working from home, but even parents at home still need childcare in the San Francisco Bay Area. Bay Area Daycare facilities had to get running as soon as possible after the shutdown as some returned to work or needed the time to actually work from home. Daycares all over the San Francisco Bay Area follow strict guidelines in order to provide a safe and efficient environment for children. Here are some ways that day cares in the San Francisco Bay Area are doing their part in being safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Face Covering and Sanitation

Masks have become the new normal and entire daycare staffs wear masks while caring for the children. It is also required that parents are wearing a mask while dropping off and picking up their child. Most daycares in the San Francisco Bay Area don’t require the children to wear masks since it can be harmful to their health by restricting their breathing at a young age. Parents are also sanitized before they pick up their child to do everything they possibly can to reduce contamination. A San Francisco based daycare, Little Ducklings Clubhouse, also has procedures in place to sanitize the children throughout the day to be extra careful.

Cleaning Procedures

San Francisco Bay Area daycares are completely sanitizing their facilities daily in order to have a clean start every day, free of contamination. Toys, mats, and play areas are sanitized throughout the day. Most of the cleaning measures are nothing new as daycare facilities need to be kept clean in the presence of children since they can carry many germs even without a pandemic. Little Ducklings Clubhouse does these daily cleaning procedures and brings in a professional cleaning service once every two weeks to deeply disinfect the entire facility.

Overall Health

As safe as these measures are, nothing is more important than preventing infection amongst the children. Daycares all over the San Francisco Bay Area require that all of the children be healthy before entering the facility. This is usually monitored from temperature checks upon entry and basic behavior. Caretakers wash the children’s hands multiple times a day and have strict protocols for sick children returning to daycare. Children have to be symptom free before returning to daycare. Little Ducklings Clubhouse has separate protocols for children that have tested positive for COVID-19. Children who have been infected with the coronavirus must provide a negative test and be fever-free for more than 24 hours before returning. These children are also not permitted to return until at least 10 days after their symptoms appeared.

About Little Ducklings Clubhouse

Little Ducklings Clubhouse started out as an at home business focused on babies and toddlers. The daycare blew up quickly and founder Marlene Ramos went on to officially open her very own daycare facility. Little Ducklings Clubhouse is focused on providing a positive and supporting environment for these growing children bi incorporating fun activities and learning initiatives to prepare them for school. Our daily goal is to be nurturing and loving to all of our children.

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