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Little Ducklings Playground Guide in San Francisco

Little Ducklings understands the struggle many parents have been going through to find a fun, safe place for their children to play outdoors in the San Francisco Bay Area. During the pandemic it can be a scary thought to have your child play in a public area, however San Francisco has recently reopened many playgrounds with strict guidelines to ensure that children can have their much-needed outdoor play time all while staying safe. With almost 50 square miles of space. There are plenty of spaces where children can play all around San Francisco. Lucky for you, Little Duckling has created your Playground Guide to staying safe and having fun throughout the city.

Follow the Rules to Stay Safe!

· Everyone over the age of 2 must wear a mask at all times

· Only visit the playground with people from your household! It is currently not a place to plan playdates or get togethers.

· Limit visits to 30 minutes when others are present

· Visitors of all ages must practice social distancing with non-household members

· Do not eat or drink on the playground

· Children must be supervised at all times. Children under the age of 2 should be within the arms reach of an adult at all times

· To maximize the number of children who can play at the park, only one adult should accompany each child

· Respect capacity limits of each park

Along with these rules, Little Ducklings also suggests bringing hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, and frequently using the hand washing stations placed at each park.

Below are some of the newly renovated playgrounds located throughout the city!

Alice Chalmers Park

This newly renovated playground located at 670 Brunswick St, San Francisco, CA 94112,

is the perfect place for your child to get some time outside. Alice Chalmers Park in San Francisco represents the iconic city’s skyscrapers with a nearly 30' tall Lappset tower including climbing nets, balancing elements, birds nest seating, net flooring, wooden platforms, and more!

Merced Heights Playground

Located at 801 Shields St, San Francisco, CA 94132, makes a great area for kids of all ages to come and play. The park is fully equipped with basketball courts, tennis courts, a wooden play structure, a sand area, and more. This is also a popular place to bring along your furry friends!

Panhandle Playground

This park is a favorite among Upper Haight and NoPa parents. The new renovations include a sandbox in which children can dig for built-in sea treasures, multiple climbing surfaces, two swing sets, an area for older and younger children and reservable picnic tables. Along with these new additions, the park was also created using natural materials such as boulders and wood, allowing it to blend nicely into the Panhandle area.

Playgrounds in the San Francisco Bay Area can be safe if done right. Little Ducklings Clubhouse’s guide to safe playing at the park is a great start. This pandemic has been hard on everyone, especially to children’s development. Make sure your little duckling is getting the outside play time they need.

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