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Activities that you can do with your little duckling in the San Francisco Bay Area

At Little Ducklings Clubhouse, we understand the importance of healthy development for your infants in the San Francisco Bay Area. For this reason, we make sure to have a variety of activities that will benefit your little duckling and help them grow. Here are some activities that we do at the clubhouse and that you can do in the San Francisco Bay area with them as well:


How about a bicycle ride around San Francisco city? Make bicycle riding a fun outing with your family, maybe to the Golden Gate or around the Mission Dolores. Bicycling is an activity that we do with our little ducklings at the clubhouse that you can do around the San Francisco Bay Area as well. Bicycling can help your little duckling relieve emotional stress, enhance their socializing skills, and exercise their cardiovascular muscles. Bicycling is a way to keep your child outside and use their imagination rather than using electronics.


Yes, napping is an activity! And it’s a fun one for you too. Consider going to a park like Mission Dolores or Golden Gate Park and just lay there with your little duckling...chances are that they will fall asleep. Napping is beneficial for your little duckling in many ways. Naps provide the much-needed downtime that aids the important physical and mental development that happens in early childhood for your little duckling. Naps also help keep kids from becoming overtired, which can affect their moods and make it harder for them to fall asleep at night. Time to nap!

Morning Walks

Believe it or not, a child that walks to school is more focused than a child who takes a car to school. San Francisco Bay Area is such a pretty place to explore and walk, why not walk your child to the clubhouse or go on a weekend morning walk! In addition, walking improves your little duckling’s mood and provides them with a way to tone their muscles. Morning walks can help your child develop a healthy and active lifestyle. So, the next time that you are debating between walking or driving, walk!

These are just some of the many activities that we do here at the clubhouse and that you can do with your child in the San Francisco Bay Area!

About Little Ducklings Clubhouse

Little Ducklings Clubhouse started out as an at home business focused on babies and toddlers. The daycare blew up quickly and founder Marlene Ramos went on to officially open her very own daycare facility. Little Ducklings Clubhouse is focused on providing a positive and supporting environment for these growing children bi incorporating fun activities and learning initiatives to prepare them for school. Our daily goal is to be nurturing and loving to all of our children.

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