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The Best Child Care in San Francisco!!

What our Clubhouse has to offer!

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Arts & Crafts
Our little ducklings sure love arts & crafts. I mean who doesn't? We incorporate daily art activities for our ducklings to do. We also love to see them get messy and have an amazing time! 
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Baby Yoga

That's right, baby yoga! I know super cute! We have a special instructor, Miss Ellie, who comes once a week to teach our little ducklings super easy yoga poses. Babies have lots of fun.

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Motor Skills

We help our little ducklings with their motor skills. Social, physical, intellectual, and emotional skills. We want our ducklings to be ready for the world. We love spending quality time with them as well. 

Home Cooked Meals

We make sure our ducklings get a healthy meal every day .

We involve plenty of fruits and veggies. We also do special requests, if any mommies or daddies prefer a specific meal to be given to their child. All we want is for our ducklings to be happy!

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